Video Interview of Elon Musk by Kevin Rose

On September 8, 2012, in Space, Technology, by admin

Elon Musk has become my latest hero.  I’m not a huge fan of, one of his first creations, not because of anything he has done, but because of the way they often treat customers.    There are many horror stories about paypal out there.  Elon Musk, is of course, no longer involved with paypal.

I love SpaceX and Tesla motors.  I was very skeptical of both SpaceX and Tesla in the beginning because I figured they were just short term companies with short term goals that would fail.  I was very wrong.   Elon Musk had real long term goals in mind when founding these companies and he/they have delivered spectacularly on goals.  Tesla is delivering cars and SpaceX is successfully launching a spacecraft with a recent dock with the International Space Station.

Here is a great interview of Elon Musk:


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