My Latest M16

On July 19, 2012, in Astronomy, by admin

I have been working on M16 using the new FITS file feature of  For this image I have used two FITS image sets including 4 luminace images at 50s, 2 red at 40s, 2 green at 40s, and 2 blue at 40s.


This image was created by processing the FITS files using DeepSkyStacker to “stack” (i.e. line up and combine) the individual images and PhotoShop to combine the images into an RGB image and do post processing.  The post processing mostly consisted of applying multiple curves followed by levels.

Compare the above image manually processed using two sets of FITS data to the default image produces off one set of FITS files:

You can easily see how much detail is revealed by adding only one extra exposure and manually tweaking the images.  Slooh generates some great images with minimal effort.  If you are inclined to put in a little more effort, their FITS image option allows you to create some really great images.


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