Celkay.com Project


I am creating a new classified advertising website (celkay.com, the site is not live at the moment) and smartphone app born out of my frustration with Craigslist and that of my friends and many others out there (just google ‘craigslist flagged my posting’ or check out the Craigslist flag forum to see a non-stop list of people asking why their ads were flagged).  

While Craigslist is still the king of classified advertising on the web, it has many problems and can be a very frustrating platform to use, especially if you are having your ads constantly flagged and removed immediately without any idea why or any hope of appeal.  Craigslist is a very influential website and can make or break your ability to be noticed based on whether or not your ad runs on Craigslist.  Unfortunately, Craigslist has a community that is very protective of their personal idea of what Craigslist should be, and that flag ads and get them removed based on anything they don’t like about the ad (just read through the forum linked above).  It could be they think it is a scam, or the price is too high, they don’t like your item, they don’t like your pictures, whatever.  This means your ad could be flagged for whatever reason this rabid user doesn’t like.

I am creating a system that allows community policing (like Craigslist does), but in a much more transparent and fair manner.   Anonymous users cannot flag/report an ad, they must create an account and become at least somewhat accountable.  

Also, the look the Craigslist is very antiquated, I want to create a new website and iOS/Android App that have modern user interfaces and utilized modern technology (like GPS on your phone for location, notifications on your phone, etc.).  In addition, I have ideas for adding scheduling for service based businesses. The iOS/Android App is really important, as many people have their smartphone as their only access to the internet.

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